FIRST AIRED: February 13, 2017

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>> North Korea hailing its weekend missile launch as success. State media claiming Monday, the test fire is a step forward for Pyongyang's weapons program. By their account the Pukguksong-2 is a new ballistic missile that can be capped with a nuclear weapon. And as Reuters' Tony Monroe reports it may also be harder to stop.
>> North Korea is saying that this is a new type of weapon. It appears to be an enhancement of the submarine-launched ballistic missile that had successfully fired last year. Which, like Sunday's missile, was powered by solid fuel. Solid fuel has advantages in that it can be loaded faster, meaning more missiles can be fired in quick succession.
It makes it harder to detect that a missile is going to be launched soon. It also means that a missile or rocket can travel further.>> North Korea's conducted five nuclear tests including two in the last year, and boasts it can make a nuclear weapon small enough to mount on a missile.
Whether or not that's true, Sunday's launch is the first challenge to US President Donald Trump's tough line on the north. The question now is what he can do in response.>> President Trump, like President Obama before him, does not have a lot of options here. One choice would be to step up sanctions against the north, although there are already quite a few sanctions in place.
Another would be to beef up the US military presence in the region. The downside there is that that could exacerbate tensions with China. Once it's ready, a true North Korean intercontinental missile could threaten the mainland US. Trump officials say it's likely any American response will be muted, at least until an ICBM is in the north's hands, or it tests a sixth nuclear weapon.