FIRST AIRED: February 14, 2017

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He's the favorite to win the French presidential election. Now, Emmanuel Macron is a fake news target of Russian media. With his campaign facing thousands of cyber attacks. Or so his party chief said on Monday. Richard Ferrand accusing Russia's state-end media of spreading false reports to swing public opinion against Macron.
Ferrand said the staunch pro-European is a target because he wants a strong united Europe, able to stand up to Moscow. Russian newspaper, Izvestia, has also reported that WikiLeaks's founder, Julian Assange, says his organization had interesting information about Macron.
The news comes after US intelligence agencies reported that Russia ran a cyber campaign to help Republican Donald Trump win the country's presidential election. On February the 7th, Marcon was forced to kill rumors of an extra marital gay relationship. Those media reports also emerging from Russia. Meanwhile, previous front-runner, François Fillon, a conservative who speaks positively of Putin was hit by a fake job scandal, which has damaged his ratings.
Marcon now widely expected to beat far-right rival, Marine Le Pen, in a May the 7th run-off. Le Pen received funds from a Russian lender in the past and has pledged to have good relations with Russia if she's elected.