FIRST AIRED: February 8, 2017

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>> The US Army Corps of Engineers announcing Tuesday that it will grant the final permit needed to finish the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline giving Energy Transfer Partners the green light to tunnel under Lake Oahe. Valerie Volcovici is Reuters energy and climate policy correspondent.>> With today's permit approval or easement, if you will construction can now begin on that last part of the pipeline.
It's not really a surprise that they would give permission to complete the project. There was some expectation that perhaps the Army would take the additional steps to do the environmental impact review. But given the change in political winds, I think the Army Corps just decided they can't go on as they had originally planned, skipping over that environmental impact study that former President Obama had ordered.
>> The Standing Rock Sioux tribe whose reservation is adjacent to the pipeline's route has said it will fight the decision. The tribe and environmental activists have protested the line for months, over deep concerns it could contaminate the tribe's sacred land and the area's water supply. Volcovici says Tuesday's court filing is sure to reignite those demonstrations.
>> There is a huge microscope on that particular site, so a lot of people are concerned that there could be an eruption of violence. And so that's something that we're gonna need to keep track of over the coming days.>> Trump held a big stake in Energy Transfer Partners prior to running for president.
His mid-2015 financial disclosure form showed he had between half a million and $1 million in shares of the company. By mid-2016 that staked follow on to between 15 and $50,000.