FIRST AIRED: February 8, 2017

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>> Trump's travel ban is perhaps his most wide reaching executive order that also has sharply divided the country. I'm Chris Kahn, Reuter's Polling Editor and ever since the travel ban was put in place last week, we've seen a lot of polls come out pretty much hakf the country feels one way about it, half the country feels the other way about it.
Our poll has been in the field right after Trump signed his executive order. And we found pretty much every single Democrat hates the idea, pretty much every Republican really likes the idea.>> They are not safe.>> Less than one third of Americans said it makes them feel more safe.
And that's interesting because really the reason for this travel ban was really about national security, was really about cutting off in flow of a certain groups of people that the administration fields is a threat to the United States. Now if only one-third of America is actually feeling that makes them feel more safe it means that there is another reason why people are actually supporting this travel ban.
When we talked to responders who took our poll, one thing that we're hearing over and over again is the same reason behind the border wall. It's an extension of Donald Trump's immigration plan altogether. They're all generally concerned about my tax dollars are gonna be paying for these folks.
They're gonna come in, they're gonna get Obamacare, they're gonna get government services. And that's why I don't want them coming in. It's also important to note that because this is Donald Trump's travel ban, it's impacting the level of support for the measure. We asked the question two ways in our poll.
The first way was rather abstract. We just said do you feel that refugees should be allowed into this country? Immigrants from certain country, should they be allowed into this country? And it was put right down the middle. About 44% supported, 43% was opposed to it. When we included Donald Trump's name in the question and it was Donald Trump's travel ban, we saw support rise to about 48%, support of, and by 42% opposing it.
So, what does that tell us? It's important to remember that this is a president who just assumed office. He's still in his honeymoon period. And Republicans are really supportive of what he's doing, they are in locks up with many of the things he's talking about. So, in such as name into a particular poll questioning asking people to support it, is good for at least a few points of extra support in that direction.
>> I mean we have to have security in our country.