FIRST AIRED: February 15, 2017

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>> The New York Times reporting that US President Donald Trump's campaign aides were in contact with Russian intelligence officers in the run up to the 2016 election, citing four US officials on Tuesday that point to phone records and intercepted calls. They say US Intelligence uncovered them while looking for evidence of Russian hacking into the Democratic National Committee.
The Times' sources admits so far, there's no evidence the Trump campaign actually colluded with the Russians on the hacking or anything else. However, officials say the intercepts set off alarm bells, as they happened when Trump spoke favorably about Russian president Vladimir Putin last year. That includes a campaign event where he said he hoped Russian intelligence had stolen Hillary Clinton's emails and would publish them.
The Times also reporting Paul Manafort who ran Trump's campaign for a time was one of the advisors picked up on the calls. He worked as a political consultant in Russia and Ukraine. But he has not been charged with any crimes. Manafort told the Times on Tuesday, he's never knowingly spoken to Russian intelligence.
These calls are different from the wire tapped talks that led to national security advisor Michel Flynn stepping down on Monday. Trump's office said Flynn mislead the White House about his contacts with Russia and asked for his resignation. The Times report came as US lawmakers on both sides called for a wider look not only at Flynn, but at broader White House ties to Russia.