FIRST AIRED: February 14, 2017

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>> The US government strongly believes North Korean agents murdered Kim Jong-nam. The half brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. That's according to a US government source. Local media reporting that he was poisoned by two women in Kuala Lumpur airport. There's been no official word on how. Kim Jong-nam has in the past used forged travel documents.
Reuters Bureau Chief, Tony Monroe is following the story in Seoul, South Korea.>> Kim Jong-nam is the older half brother of Kim Jong-un. They are separated by more than ten years of age. They had different mothers. They are not believed to have been close recently. Kim Jong-un had spoken out publicly over the years against their generation control of the country.
He said on several occasions that he was not personally interested in assuming the leadership of North Korea.>> There's a history of bloodshed within the family>> In 2012, Kim Jong-un's uncle, then the number two figure in the regime was executed for factionalism. Last year, other senior officials were executed or disciplined in what North Korea watchers said was a move by Kim to eliminate rivals.
>> When Kim Jong-un's father, Kim Jong-Il died, there was very close attention paid as to whether he would go to his father's funeral. He did not. So whether North Korea acknowledges is that here in any official way, much less whether they return the body to North Korea, and whether he is treated to a state funeral, and all of that will be very interesting to see.
>> Kim Jong-nam came to global attention, 2001. When he was arrested trying to enter Japan on a fake passport. At the time he said he was trying to get to Tokyo Disneyland, a police official said this time, Kim had been planning to travel to Macau when he felt dizzy and asked for help.
The cause of death is not yet being determined. But there will be postmortem examination.