FIRST AIRED: February 15, 2017

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>> Across America, history is repeating itself.>> I am going to let.>> Republican members of Congress facing harsh blow back over their push for repeal and replace Obamacare.>> If you listen to what I just said.>> The outrage erupting at town halls around the country, and coming mainly from voters who oppose dumping the health law.
Democrats and others incensed that millions of Americans could lose their health insurance without a coherent plan to replace it.>> Boo!>> It's an echo of the angry town halls that framed President Obama's early years, but this time, the narrative is flipped. Politics reporter, Ginger Gibson.>> We also hear Republicans saying some of the same things the Democrats said back during the Tea Party movement in 2010, dismissing them as paid or hired protestors.
The Democrats learned quickly in the 2010 midterms, that was the wrong take, when many of them lost their offices, and the Republicans took control of the House, Republicans now risk making the same mistake.>> As it turns out, replacing Obamacare is much harder than many Republicans had hoped, with no consensus plan emerging to rally around.
In response, the Conservative House Freedom Caucus is pushing to repeal the bill first and replace it later. That idea making establishment Republicans uneasy, including House Speaker Paul Ryan.>> This affects every person and every family in America, that is why we are taking a step by step approach, so people can see the changes that we are making, so that they can see how they will help.
>> Have no doubt, Paul Ryan is hearing from his members who are feeling the pressure back home in their own districts. They meet on a regular basis, they had a special conference meeting just to discuss the ACA repeal, that's when members get up and say that they're concerned about what voters are saying, and it's no doubt Paul Ryan, who wants to stay Speaker after the next midterm elections, is taking all of that into consideration.
>> Ryan wants a series of market based measures intended to reduce cost and government oversight, but without taking away health care in one fell swoop.