FIRST AIRED: February 9, 2017

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>> Mike Pompeo, the newly appointed director of President Donald Trump's Central Intelligence Agency, arriving in Turkey on Thursday. The trip said by sources in Ankara, to focus on issues that drove a wedge between Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and the Obama Administration. High on the agenda, the role of Kurdish fighters in Syria's civil war.
Specifically the YPG militia, a target of Turkey's military, the NATO ally that's put its own boots on the ground in the conflict. Reuters Istanbul Bureau Chief Nick Tattersall.>> Turkey insists that the YPG is an extension of Kurdish militants that have been fighting for three decades within Turkey.
They see the YGPs as a terrorist group. Washington has seen the Kurdish militia as, in many ways, its most useful ally on the ground and other parts of Syria in fighting Islamic state.>> Pompeo was also expected to discuss Turkey's battle against the network of this man, Fethullah Gulen.
The Turkish Muslim cleric living in self-imposed exile at this compound in rural Pennsylvania.>> Erdogan's government says he orchestrated the failed coup attempt against it last July. An allegation he's denied while Turkey purged or jailed tens of thousands of government workers, from military to teachers, they say were his followers.
Obama refused to extradite Gulen, citing a lack of evidence. But Trump's position is less certain. He never condemned Erdogan's response to the coup. And in November, one of Trump's Chief National Security advisors labeled Gulen a radical Islamist. Michael Flynn writing in the Hill newspaper that to Turkey, Gulen was comparable to Osama bin Laden.
Suggesting the US should extradite him and to remember who America's real friends are. That's not to say Trump and Erdogan will see eye to eye on these or other issues. Erdogan's government has openly criticized, for example, Trump's visa and refugee ban from several muslim countries.