FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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and if I can truly be a unifying figure , then I will gladly serve Paul Ryan says he's willing to leave the house of representatives after all but only a crystallographer they can wind up behind him it not clear at this point whether that's going to happen I mean element on Capitol Hill where hardline conservatives in the house freedom caucus are already waiting objections to possible Brian speakership , they say he's been too willing to compromise on immigration reform they worried that he's not gonna spend enough time on the road raising money and they also want to reserve the right to fire in it anytime which is something that Ryan doesn't want to happen we need to do that at the team and I need to include fixing that ensure that we do not experience , constant leadership challenges in crises , trying to think of the hands down best choice to take the reins from house speaker John painter is widely respected as the party leader on fiscal issues any of the national profile thanks to the fact that he was Mitt Romney's running mate in the twenty twelve presidential election Brian's given his fellow house Republicans until Friday to figure out whether they'll back him in a vote is set for next week now that's just a few days before the United States runs out of authority to pay its bills Congress is going to have to act quickly to raise the debt ceiling before then at this point it's not clear whether the hardline conservatives will support Ryan if not the house could be in for more chaos and a crucial time