FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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California can outlaw clips holding more than ten bullets the state lieutenant governor Thursday unveiling a ballot initiative banning high capacity magazines and requiring background checks for those buying bullets and I'll say this to the NRA with all due respect you can intimidate politicians , we've seen that , now you've been affected , but you can't intimidate the public , that's why we're bringing us directly to publish the proposal would also require gun owners to report lost or stolen guns to the police when it set up a mechanism for felons to surrender prohibited weapons , the national rifle association firing back describing the move is part of a larger effort to confiscate all firearms , California has some of the most restrictive gun control laws in the country high capacity magazines connect many of the mass shootings across the U. S. in recent years when the shooting injuring representative Gabby Giffords in Arizona the gunmen emptied thirty three round clip in six seconds , convicted Aurora movie shooter James Holmes used forty and one hundred grand magazines and Adam Lanza fired more than a hundred and fifty bullets when he murdered twenty six people including twenty children at sandy hook elementary , last month the gunmen used a military style assault rifle to kill nine students and in Oregon community college , the California initiative Warcraft three hundred and sixty six thousand signatures to get on the twenty sixteen parent , it's successful it will likely return on front of opposition from gun advocates before it goes to a vote