FIRST AIRED: October 21, 2016

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>> Less than three weeks to go before the election, and it appears that the presidential race has tightened considerably between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. I'm Chris Kahn, Reuters Polling Editor. Our latest poll of just the previous week shows that Clinton is ahead by four points. She has about 44% support among likely voters, compared with 40 for Donald Trump.
The previous week, she had about an eight percentage point lead over Donald Trump, and so it's pretty much been cut in half. One part of this is, we're seeing that as we're getting closer and closer to Election Day, a lot more people who are uncommitted, who weren't picking either candidate, that percentage has been dropping.
So as more and more people are making their choice, a lot of these folks are Donald Trump supporters. One other thing we're noticing in this poll, is that a lot of folks are supporting Donald Trump and maintaining their support for the Republican nominee, even though we've seen a barrage of allegations about unwanted sexual advances that he's made.
These are not issues that seem to be rising to the level of importance for a lot of voters, to the point where they're actually gonna be taking away their support. We asked, actually, a very specific question, saying, do you feel that Donald Trump committed sexual assault in the past?
It turns out that about one third of likely Republic voters, said that they do believe that he committed sexual assault in the past, and many of them are still supporting Donald Trump for the White House. Even though her lead has come down by half, it's important to remember that Hillary Clinton has led in the polls consistently since the beginning of September.
Pretty much every single week, she's had a four, five, six, seven point lead over Donald Trump. And history has shown us that the candidate that has been ahead in the polls consistently in September and October, tends to win the White House. So the long term trends are important, and they really are what people should be watching at this point in the race.
>> American democracy.