FIRST AIRED: October 22, 2016

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>> The NFL in the spotlight once again over the handling of domestic abuse charges against a player. The league on Friday pushing back on claims that it did not adequately investigate a domestic violence case against Josh Brown, a kicker for the New York Giants, after newly released documents showed his then-wife accused him of a years-long pattern of physical and emotional abuse.
Co-owner John Mara acknowledging Thursday that the Giants were aware of Brown's abusive relationship, including the need for security to protect Brown's ex-wife from the kicker at the Pro Bowl. Amy Tannery is covering this story for Reuters.>> Over the past few years, the NFL has obviously been the target of criticism in their handling of domestic violence cases.
They admitted to mishandling the Ray Rice domestic violence case obviously probably among the most famous cases. And so I think the NFL now really needs to be assertive in stepping up to address this because it's potentially very problematic for them if they don't show that they care about handling an investigation in the right way.
>> Toward that end, the NFL temporarily barred Brown from games and practices during the investigation. Coach Ben McAdoo, Friday, said the team was waiting for more information on the issue, but has stood by Brown.>> We're not going to turn our back on Josh. He's a teammate, and he's a guy that we're hoping makes strides.
We're gonna work to get the best information we can, the most accurate information we can, and make the best decision we can for the team.>> Brown admitted to domestic violence in letters, emails, and a journal in which he called himself a quote sex addicted deviant according to police documents released on Wednesday.
The NFL decided to reopen its investigation into Brown in light of the release of additional documents regarding his 2015 domestic violence arrest. The charges were later dropped.