FIRST AIRED: October 22, 2016

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>> A sweeping outage hitting Twitter, Spotify, and Reddit Friday among other sites. As internet service giant Dyn reeled under a massive cyber attack. Dyn saying it had resolved one so called denial of service attack after about two hours. But another a few hours later brought further disruptions, mainly in the US, with Airbnb and The Verge news site also affected.
Senior National Security reporter, Mark Hosenball.>> The Department of Homeland Security, who are principally responsible for the security of the American cyber infrastructure. And the FBI, who do criminal investigations, they're both conducting investigations here, and they're looking to see what kind of crime, if any, has been committed.
>> Dyn said the attacks were coming from tens of millions of Internet connected devices. Such as web cams and printers infected with malicious software that turns them into so called bots. That can be used in massive assaults. New Hampshire based Dyn provides services for managing the servers that act as switchboards, connecting web traffic.
Routing individual requests to computers that host the popular services, such as Twitter and Netflix, as well as web operations for companies such as Pfizer and Visa.>> It's like a train wreck in a way. That blocked up a whole bunch of railway track lines. And it takes awhile to clean up the mess.
>> Friday's disruption coming amid heightened concern about hacking in the US, after a wave of attacks on Democratic Party servers, that the US has blamed on Russia.