FIRST AIRED: October 18, 2016

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>> A familiar welcoming party for European ministers in Luxembourg.>> We don't want CETA.>> Protesters making their voices heard over the long fought free trade deal between the EU and Canada. Almost all 28 EU governments now back the plan, which would be the block's first trade accord with a G7 country.
It was supposed to get the green light on Tuesday, but has been delayed yet again as one region in Belgium threatens to scupper the entire deal. Reuters' chief correspondent, Philip Blenkinsop, is at the talks.>> The Walloons is a French speaking region in the south of Belgium, kind of the last group to be holding out.
They're concerned that this is a deal cooked up for big business that would give multinationals the power to dictate public policy. And it will also be a race to the bottom in standards, environmental standards and labor standards.>> Supporters say the deal is the gold standard, a solid plan with a like-minded partner.
Which begs the question, if they don't get what they want, with whom could the EU possibly do a deal if not with Canada?>> So the idea of this potentially, well yet potentially, failing would deliver a huge blow to the idea of the EU producing future deals with other countries such as United States, such as Japan.
And, obviously, there are ramifications in terms of what happens when Britain sorts out its future trading relations with the EU when it leaves the block within two or three years. This could take many, many years to conclude.>> The deal was expected to be signed at an EU, Canada summit next week, attended by Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau.
EU officials now rushing to negotiate with Wallonia or face an expensive diplomatic embarrassment.