FIRST AIRED: October 25, 2016

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>> We are going to win back the White House.>> Donald Trump's sliding poll numbers paint an ever bleaker picture. But even now, the New York mogul still has a long shot path to the magic 270 electorial votes that would usher him into the White House. Reporter Jim Oliphant has been running the numbers.
>> So we've been looking at electoral map scenarios and trying to basically figure out a path where Donald Trump can win. And the bottom line is that it would take a lot, and he would basically have to run the table in the big battleground states, we're talking Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Colorado.
>> If he can win those states, and not lose historically red states, Trump would be just barely over the top with 278 electoral votes, but still the winner.>> Not only does Trump have to win the big battleground states, but he has to hold onto the states that have been traditionally Republican that we're seeing beating the swing a little closer to Clinton, we're talking about states like Arizona, Georgia.
>> But above all, Oliphant says Trump needs to pound the pavement in big swing states like Florida, where he's barnstorming through Tuesday, and not let Clinton's gains in traditionally red states be a distraction.>> If you're Donald Trump right now, you really can't afford to go to a place like Georgia or Arizona and try to play defense there.
You've gotta concentrate on winning the states that you need to win, and one thing you can say for Trump, he does work hard. I expect he's probably gonna hold more and more events as we go forward, not fewer. We've seen him over the last few days try to pivot back to this change agent message, that he's the outsider, or running to clean up the system, and maybe focusing a little less on being Hillary Clinton's chief prosecutor.
>> You have to leave here today and vote.>> So expect Trump to hopscotch through that long list of swing states in the campaign's final days, hoping he can still pull off an upset for the ages.