FIRST AIRED: October 13, 2016

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>> If I lose I'm gonna be so angry at Florida.
Donald Trump taking his unshackled campaign to crucial battle ground Florida Wednesday as new poll numbers show last week's bombshell lewd tape taking a heavy toll. Trump following further behind Hillary Clinton in the latest Reuter's Ipsos survey Clinton now leading Trump by eight points, up three points from last week.
Campaign correspondent James Oliphant.>> There's no suggestion right now that Trump is trying to build out his coalition or win over new voters. Instead, Trump is doing what he's always done. He's just stoking that fire that he's build a little bit hotter and just trying to see if that's going to carry him over the top.
>> The reel estate Mongol's combative debate performance Sunday not helping. Trump at one point suggesting Clinton would be jailed if he were president. Because you'd be in jail.>> Secretary Clinton?>> 53% of voters saying Clinton won while 32% said Trump.>> What we saw on the debate, what we've seen since is a Donald Trump who's now almost completely focus on attacking Hillary Clinton all the time and now the centerpiece of his strategy.
>> We have a person that has committed crimes. That is now running for the presidency.>> So far there is no sign of that going to work among the general electorate especially among the voters that Trump so desperately need if he's going to win. These college educated voters especially women.
>> I'm ashamed of what happened to our country and so were you.>> He's strategy right now seems really just to fire up his core group of voters. But as we've said many times, that's not enough to make him president of the United States.>> Especially worrying for Trump.
The new poll showing Trump down to a one point lead over Clinton with Evangelicals. From a 12 point edge in July. A fresh wave of embarrassing Democratic emails from Wicky Wicks so far not cutting into Clinton's support. Trump slamming House Speaker Paul Ryan and GOP lawmakers who broke ranks over the vulgar tape, claiming he was now free of party shackles.
>> Fools and we're not fools.