FIRST AIRED: October 25, 2016

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>> The view from Paris must be a good one. Members of the US led coalition clearly content with how things are going in Mosul. From inside Iraq though the view is very different. Reuters' special correspondent, Michael Georgie is there.>> Islamic state is basically trying to be as unpredictable as possible.
There are massive networks of tunnels underneath Mosul. They've prepared for a very bloody fight, they have moat around the city with oil. Even in villages and towns outside of Mosul if you go there you can see smoke rising from oil fires.>> The optimism was hard to temper in Paris though.
Discussions already turning to what role the US will play once Mosul falls. It is as if capturing is one challenge, rebuilding it is another. The population is predominantly Sunni, whereas the central government is led by Shiites. Even sending in the wrong troops could ignite the sectarian tensions.>> They're trying to make sure that these people feel like they're part of politics here, that they have a voice, that sectarianism has decreased.
So it's a very long term project, there are lots of delicate steps along the way. Making sure the right forces go in, making sure there's sectarian doesn't creep into the military strategy and practical matters on the streets.>> The battle for Mosul though is still not done and dusted, especially when faced with this.
The black vehicle in the distance one of a seemingly endless supply of suicide bombs.
ch on this occasion didn't reach it's target.