FIRST AIRED: October 16, 2016

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>> Republican Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence seeming to break with running mate Donald Trump for the second time in two weeks, Sunday. Appearing on Fox news Pence admitting signs point to Russia in the recent cyber attacks targeting the Democratic National Committee and Hilary Clinton's campaign. Pence saying quote, I think that there is no question that the evidence continues to point in that direction.
There should be severe consequences to Russia or any sovereign nation that is compromising the privacy or the security of the United States of America. Political correspondent Emily Stevenson.>> So what's interesting about that is that Pence is saying that after Donald Trump said in the second presidential debate a week ago, maybe there was no hacking.
And that's interesting because it's the second time that Pence and Trump have publicly been at different positions on Russia. More than a week ago during the vice presidential debate between Pence and Tim Kaine, Pence said that if Russia was participating in air strikes in Syria to prop up the Assad regime that the US needed to be willing to consider some sort of military force to keep that from happening.
Trump was asked about those comments at the presidential debate a week ago Sunday and he said I haven't talked to him about it and I disagree.>> Last week, the US formally accused Russia of carrying out the hacks on the DNC. And officials believe Moscow is behind the WikiLeaks release of the emails from Hillary Clinton's campaign manager John Podesta.
Including most recently, the transcripts of Clinton's speeches to Wall Street. These remarks coming as Clinton faces criticism for her seemingly cozy relationship with big banks. Trump, on Sunday, trying to refocus attention on the email leak. Tweeting his opponent cannot be trusted with national security. And adding the election and polling places are rigged.
Even lashing out against Saturday Night Live. And Alec Baldwin's portrayal of him in opening sketches. And claiming the show was part of a rigged system seeking his defeat.>> They're busting through the gates