FIRST AIRED: October 18, 2016

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>> A high-level state department official pressured the FBI to unclassify at least one email from Hillary Clinton's now infamous private server. The revelation in documents released by the FBI on Monday. Said in an interview with a redacted source, FBI investigators said, under Secretary of State, Patrick Kennedy, wanted a specific email to be marked unclassified instead of classified.
That email in connection with a deadly 2012 attack on a diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya. Justice department correspondent, Julia Edwards.>> As we know anything having to do with Benghazi is a hot button for Republicans coming up into the presidential election. We do know there was a question over whether or not this should be classified or unclassified.
More than one FBI official had felt pressured by Patrick Kennedy.>> The unnamed source said Kennedy asked the FBI to redesignate the email in quote, exchange for a quid pro quo.>> And a suggestion emerged whether or not it was from Kennedy. It was unclear that the FBI be allowed to send agents into countries where they're currently prohibited, and possibly the state department could help the FBI set that up.
>> The FBI saying it did not comply with Kennedy's request.>> This raises a lot of questions for people who are concerned that if some of these emails really should have been deemed classified. But the FBI was pressured to deem them unclassified. Perhaps there was more sensitive information shared than the public is really aware of.
State Department spokesman Mark Toner, in response to the revelation of these documents, said the classification is really an art, not a science. And so someone like Kennedy would not be in the wrong to discuss whether or not an email should be classified.>> A year long FBI probe concluded Hillary Clinton had a limited number of classified emails on her private server.
FBI Director James Comey calling her actions extremely careless, but declining to recommend charges against the former Secretary of State.>> The new documents arriving just three weeks before the 2016 election with Clinton holding a comfortable lead over Donald Trump. His campaign alleging the documents show collusion between Clinton's campaign and the FBI, a charge, so far, not supported by the documents.