FIRST AIRED: October 31, 2016

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>> This Christian woman has been reunited with her family in Erbil. After forces drove Islamic State out of Iraq's largest Christian town in the north of the country. Most residents of Qaraqosh fled when the militants approached. But Zafa couldn't get out and spent the next two years living under their rule.
>> They took this picture and that. They took them all. They took my crucifix and stood at the door. They asked me to come and spit at the crucifix. I said to myself, God, I was crying inside and I couldn't show it. She says the jihadists forced her to convert to Islam and made her stamp on an image of the Virgin Mary.
Reuters Iraq correspondent, Steven Kaling says her relatives long feared her dead.>> She was telling this very emotional gathering yesterday where she was sitting with her family here in Erbil. She hadn't seen them in In over two years and they actually hadn't heard from her in 18 months.
Because all the communications were cut off last year.>> The first mass was held in the city Sunday. Since it's recapture. There's a lot of clean up ahead and stories to be told as families are reunited.>> A lot of the Christian area is east Mosul, the Nineveh Plains.
Which is really, where some of the oldest foundations of the christian religion are here. There is monasteries going back over a thousand years and some of these villages and town that can be taken. We've gotten a glimpse into what life was like there and what Isis did to these areas.
So churches destroyed, burned.>> The militant group's capture of Mosul and surrounding towns. Effectively drove Christians from the area for the first time in two millennia. But slowly, they're beginning to return and rebuild their lives.