FIRST AIRED: October 31, 2016

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>> She's the center of a scandal shaking South Korean politics all the way to the top. Reporters and angry protesters swarming Choi Soon-sil summoned to a Seoul prosector's office to answer questions over whether she used close ties with President Park Geun-hye for financial gain. Reporters say she told them quote, I committed a crime I deserve to die for.
Please forgive me. Koreans are no strangers to presidential scandals, but as Reuters' Tony Munroe reports, this case stands out.>> Whereas in previous South Korean political scandals, you've seen family members of politicians accused of enriching themselves. In this case what we have is an outsider someone without a government role allegedly exerting influence over presidential decisions.
>> Park admitted she'd illegally given Che early access to drafts of speeches and local media they had close ties with Park helped her net million dollars for her charities. She's the daughter of shadowy religious cult leader Choi Tae-min who served as Park's mentor when her father was the president of South Korea.
>> Choi is a friend of the president. She has known the president for something like 40 years. This is a friendship that dates to the time when President Park was actually acting as First Lady when her mother was killed by an assassin who meant to kill the previous President Park.
And evidentially, Choi's friendship with the current president has endured for those four plus decades.>> The scandal has already claimed the jobs of five presidential staff who resigned on Sunday, just a day after thousands of angry protesters rallied in downtown Seoul, demanding President Park's resignation. The crisis sending Park's public support to an all-time low.
One opinion poll showing 40% of survey takers said she should resign or be impeached.