FIRST AIRED: October 31, 2016

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>> Spain finally has a government. Mariano Rajoy making it official on Monday. Being sworn in by King Philippe for a second term as Prime Minister. But he has the weakest mandate in Spain's modern history and Reuter's Sara White in Madrid says it's not going to be smooth sailing.
>> He needs at least two other parties to team up with him in order to pass any kind of law and reach a majority. So it means he's gonna have to constantly be negotiating and some analysts believe that he may not be able to see out his full four-year term.
>> Down the road from Parliament over the weekend, thousands gathered to protest Rajoy's reelection. He's built a reputation as a political survivor, but the country's deep divisions show the challenge ahead in keeping the title.>> I mean, you'd think there'd be a bit more elation around after Spain manages to finally form a government after ten months.
Nobody is particularly hopeful that this government is gonna be able to reach the kind of consensus that will be needed to fix some of Spain's really big problems.>> If Rojoy finds he's hitting a brick wall each time he tries to pass something in government, he does have the trump card of threatening yet another snap election.
But the hope is this time the parties will see eye to eye without aggressive governing.