FIRST AIRED: October 31, 2016

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>> A narcissistic sexual sadist. That's one doctors take on British banker Rurik Jutting. A forensic psychiatrist taking the stand Monday to offer evidence for the defense. Jutting faces charges for the gruesome murders of two Indonesian women whose bodies were found in his Hong Kong apartment. Reuters' Farah Master was at the courthouse.
>> This psychiatrist who was testifying in court explaining that Jutting had several disorders which led to his inability to control himself during the killings.>> The case has horrified the city and drawn media from around the globe. The jury shown hours of graphic footage that Jutting filmed on his phone, torturing one of his victims, rambling about his sexual fantasies, and bingeing on cocaine.
Prosecutors rested their case last week. Now, it's up to the defense to convince the jury that Jutting should be charged with manslaughter and not murder, which carries a mandatory life sentence.>> The defense team also today outlined Jutting's background, including his father trying to commit suicide when he was 16, by slitting his wrist.
And also the fact that Jutting himself was sexually assaulted during his time at school in the UK.>> The murders came to light two years ago when Jutting made a rambling call to police. Authorities found 23 years old Sumarti Ningsih mutulated body in a suitcase on his balcony.
26 years old Seneng Mujiasih was found inside his apartment. The psychiatrist says that at the time of the murders Jutting had already developed a taste for sexual violence and was booking more submissive escorts.