FIRST AIRED: October 21, 2016

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>> Tweeting happens to be a modern day form of communication, I mean you can like it or not like it.>> And like it he does, Donald Trump blitzing his Twitter feed constantly even in to the wee hours of Wednesday after the final debate. The social media platform front and center in a Presidential race like never before.
>> Who gets up at three o'clock in the morning?>> But for all its relevance, Twitter can't find a buyer. Leading many to wonder why such a seemingly essential platform is still such an unessential asset. Reuters Breakingviews tech columnist, Rob Cyran.>> The election also shows Twitter's problem, and that's the troll problem.
If you go to any politician who tweets, if Donald Trump tweets, if Hillary Clinton tweets, they immediately showed us all these people saying very nasty things to the candidate and to each other. And if you're a journalist or if you're a woman or if you're Jewish you see this all the time.
So Disney doesn't want to go out there and be known as hey, it's the owner of a site where people say lots of hateful things to all sorts of people.>> And it's not just Disney, Salesforce and Google also walking away. Leaving the social media site to fix its problems on its own, which are more than just the trolls.
While a favorite of political junkies, Twitters overall user growth has stalled for at least six straight quarters.>> And so that's a problem for the company because the company's valuation is based on the company continuing to grow incredibly rapidly. They spent an incredible amount of money on R&D and they haven't gotten anything for it.
>> Flashy deals like livestreaming NFL games doing little to move the needle. Now analysts say the company needs to cut costs or curb its spending, which might not be great timing. With just a few weeks to go before election day and the end of what's been, for Twitter and the nation, an unprecedented race for the White House.
>> It's a very effective way of communication.