FIRST AIRED: October 12, 2016

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>> In the wake of hurricane Matthew life threatening floods. At least two dozens dead in the US. 18 in North Carolina alone.>> In two years, I've never seen it like this.>> The town of Lumberton along the Lumber river among the hardest hit areas. Reuters photographer Carlo Alegria is there.
>> The entire town of Lumberton has been inundated. I would say at least 90% of the businesses are under water and most of the houses also that I've witnessed driving around are completely under water as well. It was a very eerie feeling last night. I was sleeping in the town in my rental vehicle, because I wanted to maintain my position behind police lines.
And with all the lights off and no one in the town, it was really quite eerie. The people have been evacuated to a couple of different UNKNOWN] shelters in conjunction with the Red Cross.>> Nearly 4,000 people taking refuge in North Carolina shelters. Expedited Federal aid approved for 31 counties.
>> This is gonna be a prolonged hurricane for us, even though the skies are blue.>> Throughout the southeast, more than half a million people still without power Tuesday night. Destroyed homes and impassable roads from Florida to Virginia with some waterways still rising. And in Haiti, the death toll now at least 1,000.
Relief finally arriving earlier this week, with the UN Secretary General saying some towns and villages have been, quote, wiped off the map.