FIRST AIRED: October 13, 2016

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>> Titan Fury quitting boxing again and this time it looks like he means it. The British fighter saying he will vacate his two world titles. He wants to focus on treatment and recovery. Reuters sports editor Mitch Phillips says Fury was left with little choice.>> He's been using drugs.
He said himself, he told Rolling Stone Magazine he's been using cocaine. He stood back in depression so he's just in no state to fight and consequently the British border control, the for same reasons, they're withdrawing his license today saying that he's not fit to fight mentally or physically.
>> The 28 year old hadn't fought since seizing the titles from Vladimir Klitschko last year. His victory was one of the biggest upsets in boxing history. The Fury has twice called off a rematch for medical reasons. In October, ESPN reported that he tested positive for cocaine. A few days later Fury announced he was quitting the sport, only to abruptly reverse the decision.
A comeback is still possible.>> He's the kind of person that definitely needs this in his life. He's not going to go off and become a TV pundit or find some other satisfaction. So I would think that he would want to come back. He would then obviously, have to prove himself physically fit and able to get his license back and that could be done reasonably soon.
So I would think chances of a comeback are quite high.>> Not everyone will be sad to see Fury go. The outspoken fighter has been accused of racism, sexism and homophobia. With so many critics his road to redemption could be long and bumpy.