FIRST AIRED: October 13, 2016

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>> Investigators believe he was close to staging an attack on the scale of those in Paris. Now, Jabal al-Bakr is dead after strangling himself at the bars of his prison cell in Germany. The Syrian refugee was suspected of planning a bomb attack at an airport in Berlin. Now local prosecutors are left with many unanswered questions.
>> It would have been a nice approach to the investigation if Al-bakr would have come clean. We don't know if he would have done so. We also don't know if there were people pulling the strings.>> German authorities still investigating if the 22-year-old had accomplices. Local media had earlier quoted investigation sources as saying the suspect revealed, shortly before his death, that the Syrian's who handed him over to police were involved.
But the authorities are also under fire for how they've handled the operation. Reuters correspondent in Berlin, Paul Carrel.>> Germany's aghast of this whole operation which was really botched from start to finish. Police and judicial officials in the Eastern State of Saxony where this all unfolded, and where Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives are in power, have been facing a blaze of criticism today.
Thomas Oppermann of the Social Democrats described an unprecedented sequence of failures by the police and judicial system.>> Al-Bakr arrived in Germany last year, the police had him under surveillance for months, but failed to arrest him in an operation conducted on Saturday. Instead, he was recognized by two Syrian men who tied him up and handed him over.
The refugee had been under a 24 hour suicide watch, an investigation will also be launched into how his death could have happened.