FIRST AIRED: October 14, 2016

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Actor and climate change activist, Leonardo DiCaprio, has been urging the public to vote out nonbelievers.>> Vote for leaders who will respond before it is too late for things like ending tax breaks for fossil fuels, putting a price on carbon and a rapid transition to 100% renewable energy.
>> But now, he's facing demands to relinquish a public position of his own. Rainforest Charity, Bruno Manser Fonds, calling for DiCaprio to step down as United Nations Messenger of Peace focusing on climate change, unless he cuts ties with Malaysian wealth fund, 1MDB, which helped finance his 2013 film, Wolf of Wall Street.
The Hollywood Reporter, on Friday, revealing this latest twist in what has been a bizarre true life tale. 1MDB is currently under investigation for money laundering in at least six countries. It's co-founder, Riza Aziz, stepson of the Malaysian Prime Minister and a friend of DiCaprio's, a major subject of the US Justice Department's probe.
The recent Oscar winner allegedly received millions of dollars in laundered money from the fund for his role as the star and producer of Wolf of Wall Street, as well as for his Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Charity. 1MDB has also been accused of plowing money into a corrupt Malaysian timber baron allegedly responsible for mass deforestation, a major taboo in the fight against climate change.
The calls for Leo to step down come as the star is promoting a new environmental documentary at the London Film Festival this weekend. Before the Flood hits theaters next Friday, and will air globally on the National Geographic channel beginning October 30th.