FIRST AIRED: October 12, 2016

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>> The media is simply an extension of Hillary Clinton's campaign.>> Donald Trump on a three day tour through make or break Florida, dismissing the latest polls that show the elections slipping away from the Republican nominee.>> The system is rigged.>> And just as defiant were the thousands of supporters in Panama City Beach who like Trump say the polls can't be trusted.
>> Also rigged. The whole nine yards is rigged. Yes. I don't believe any of it.>> That's lies. Total lies. There's no way that he's not ahead.>> I think the media is just has a, they're just skewing the numbers and they're biased towards the Democrats.>> In regards to the polls coming down, I believe that the media is playing her up.
There seem to be a lot of liberal media out there. I don't believe those would be an accurate representation of the American populace.>> The reason that maybe the polls might be a little bit low at the moment is because people are so afraid of being PC that they're afraid to say who they're gonna vote for the backlash.
>> Nobody asked me what my opinion was when they did the polls.>> Supporters also unphased by the 2005 video in which Trump brags about groping women.>> I can do anything.>> Those are just words. It's not actions. Hillary has a lot of bad actions on her>> How I look at is it is as a bunch of guys, testosterone flowing, running at the mouth.
>> I think it hurt him a tad bit, but it's been years ago, and really thinking of>> That's right.>> What are men gonna say
Everybody has done something wrong in their lifetime. 11 years ago? Look at what Bill Clinton did while he was in the White House.
>> It's nothing I've not heard on a rap song. It's not something I've not heard on public.>> What was said, what he did 11 years ago, I'm about what he's gonna do for us. I've said worse, to be honest with you. Women like Trump. I don't care what the media says.
Women like Trump.>> We don't win.>> Florida is a must-win state for Trump and he spent much of his Tuesday night speech urging the crowd to get out and vote. He'll just need them to do so on the right day.>> Make sure you get out and vote November 28th.