FIRST AIRED: October 24, 2016

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>> Still no word from Bob Dylan on his Nobel Prize, prompting one academy member to describe his as rude and arrogant. Reuters Nordic Bureau Chief, Alistair Scrutton, says the singer/songwriter hasn't responded to repeated phone calls.>> They couldn't find him, and then for several days afterward, there was actually no response from him.
There was actually a musical concert that Dylan was giving in Las Vegas that very night, after the award was announced. He said nothing at the concert and he's said nothing since. The interesting thing, from the Swedish point of view, is he has not either rejected it or accepted it.
>> Seventy-five year old Dylan is the first musician ever to win the prize for literature, awarded for new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition. It's worth close to $1 million. But notoriously media shy Dylan hasn't rushed to pocket the cash.>> We all know that Bob Dylan has a long history.
He was the archetypal 1960s singer-songwriter rebel. He generally doesn't like publicity in a kind of one-on-one situation. He does seem to be happy to give concerts all the time, but he's obviously very uncomfortable with the kind of awards ceremony. Now, actually, nothing's being said about the money at the moment and that's something that the award committee has said nothing.
That money Is awarded, sometimes it goes to charities. Some people who have rejected the award have donated the money.>> French writer Jean Paul Sartre refused the prize in 1964. But if Dylan maintains his silence, he'd be the first person to simply ignore the academy. All ten prize winners are invited to Stockholm to receive their award from the King in December.
The Academy has even hinted Dylan can perform. But anyone hoping for a rendition of Blowin' in the Wind, or The Times They Are a-Changin' might be a bit disappointed.