FIRST AIRED: October 25, 2016

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police academy turned into a bloody battle ground in Pakistan. More than 50 people killed and 117 wounded. Most of them young cadets, when gunmen stormed the college late Monday night in the city of Quetta. Many taken hostage by the attackers during a five-hour standoff with the military.
Police say the gunmen were extremely coordinated, attacking from five points at once. Three explosions were heard from the inside.>> Three or four militants came directly into our barracks. They just barged in and started firing point blank. We started screaming and running around in the barracks, then I ran upstairs.
>> Top military commanders say they intercepted calls between the militants and their handlers in neighboring Afghanistan. Suggesting the hand of militant group Lash Guard at jump V. So far, it's unclear what motive they'd have in attacking a police academy. The group is known for carrying out sectarian attacks, especially on the minority Hazara's.
A Shiite Muslim group, a separate distance serguon, has been simmering in Quetta. Monday's attack, the deadliest in the country since a suicide bomber blew himself up at a hospital in the same city in August taking at least 70 people with him in an attack claimed by Islamic state.
Quetta has also been long regarded as base for the Afghan Taliban, whose leadership has regularly held meetings there in the past.