FIRST AIRED: October 11, 2016

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>> Did anybody see that debate last night?>> Hillary Clinton basking in the glow of strong reviews after a debate onslaught beyond anything a presidential contender has faced in modern times.>> The Devil. She lied. Because you'd be in jail.>> Secretary Clinton->>
>> Donald Trump reeling from the leak of a grossly lewd tape, throwing everything he had at Clinton.
>> You ought to be ashamed of yourself.>> Secretary Clinton->> When name-calling and prison threats didn't rattle her cage, Trump tried stalking the stage. Standing behind her, pointing fingers, his campaign even flying in women who had accused her husband Bill of abuse, dating back 40 years. Trump, inadvertently, proving Clinton could stand up under the attack with over 60 million pairs of eyes on her.
>> It's just not true.>> Earning her the win in several over night polls. Ginger Gibson is on the story.>> A poll conducted by CNN showed an overwhelming majority saying she was victorious. Donald Trump's big challenge going into that debate was trying to win over undecided voters, many of whom are white women who have historically voted Republican.
We spoke today with more than 20 of those women who are undecided as recently as September. Who said overwhelmingly that after the video release and Trump's response at the debate, they're now planning to vote for Hillary Clinton, or not at all.>> It's just locker room banter, well I'll tell you what.
Women and men across America know that is just a really weak excuse.>> And with less than a month to go before election day. Clinton said to get some name brand help, Tuesday in Florida with her husband's former Vice President Al Gore joining her on the trail.