FIRST AIRED: October 24, 2016

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>> One week into the battle for Mosul.
aqi and Allied forces still not in the city itself, but moving ever closer and clearing out villages one by one. About 50 now freed from Islamic State control. This video, which has no sound, shows what maybe one of the gains.
Kurdish Peshmerga forces saying they have taken the town of Bashiqa, 12 kilometers northeast of Mosul. It had been seen as a major obstacle on the road into the city. Turkey providing artillery support for the Peshmerga, despite the direct request from Baghdad to stay out of the fighting. South of Mosul, it's Iraqi forces leading the advance.
commander says all the momentum is with his side.>> ISIS collapse. ISIS now their morale very down. And you can read in the faces of the soldiers and civilian with us, their morale very high.>>
> As soon as security forces advanced, IS took families hostage. They took him towards al Hammam in Mosul. Some of us escaped outside the village, and now we're liberated. Thank God. They took them as human shields so that they could blend in with the families.>> Despite the advances, IS is far from finished.
Over the weekend, they attacked the towns of Kirkuk and Rutba, an attempt to divert forces from Mosul. The Kirkuk attack now brought to an end. Peshmerga say they are fully back in control. Mosul itself, though, that still looks like a tough nut to crack.