FIRST AIRED: October 14, 2016

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>> President Barrack Obama meeting with his top foreign policy advisers Friday, to discuss what if any military options remain for the US in Syria. With the recent collapse of a cease fire and an unrelenting assault by the Syrian government back by Russian war planes on rebels in Aleppo, the US is desperate to reassert a role for itself in the bloody conflict.
Whether targeting Syrian government airplanes or arming Syrian rebels every possible plan has it's pitfalls. Reuters correspondent Yara Bayoumy.>> One of the options that they're going to be discussing is whether to take direct military action against Syrian government targets, government air bases. We understand that that is unlikely because there is a very high risk of possible direct conflict between Russian and US warplanes.
One other option that is also being discussed is to provide more robust support for Western-backed rebels who are fighting the regime. This could include the US quietly allowing some gulf allies to provide them with more forceful weaponry. But that again excludes soldier air fired missiles, because again there's the very real fear in Washington that ultimately these could be weapons that fall into terrorists hands, which they don't want.
>> Obama has resolutely opposed having the US entangled in another military conflict in the Muslim world. Some diplomats have said that, without the credible threat of force, the US will continue to fail at efforts to broker a peace deal in the war torn country. The meeting Friday will also discuss whether Iraqi forces require more US support in their drive to retake the city of Mosul from Islamic State.
The meeting also following America's first direct involvement in Yemen's civil war after a US warship fired cruise missiles at Iranian backed Houthi fighters.