FIRST AIRED: October 30, 2016

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>> Donald Trump loves to compare his multiple rallies a day to Hillary Clinton's one or two as a sign she lacks stamina.>> She reads her teleprompter, gets in a plane, goes home and starts sleeping for three days.>> But on Friday the numbers show five Clinton rallies, two of her own in Cedar Rapids and Des Moines, Iowa.
And then there's Vice President Joe Biden on the trail for her in Duluth Minnesota and St. Louis Missouri. And surrogate-in-chief himself, President Obama talking her up in Orlando.>> If you want hope instead of fear, then you will elect Hillary Clinton as President of the United States.>> Michelle Obama joined Clinton on the stump Thursday.
Campaign reporter, John Whitesides.>> Well, obviously this is a huge advantage for Clinton to have this army of effective surrogates. It gives them an array of options that allows Hillary to not necessarily have to do four rallies a day.>> While Trump has running mate, Mike Pence. Along with Tim Kaine, Clinton also deploying millennial hero and former rival, Bernie Sanders.
Democratic star, Senator Elizabeth Warren.>> What you should do is give her the keys.>> And of course her husband former president, Bill Clinton, fanning out in crucial battlegrounds in the campaign's final days.>> She can be very strategic in how she deploys them, and she can target where they're going.
She's used Sanders and Warren in New Hampshire. She can send Joe Biden to working class neighborhoods in Pennsylvania, or to Saint Louis to connect with African Americans and inner city voters.>> Trump's rallies play a double role, helping him make up for gaps in his get out the vote ground game.
>> His ground game is sparse, he's been using his rallies to sort of generate enthusiasm and get people to turn out. But he's just one guy against an army with Hillary.>> Clinton may need to tap every one of them in the campaign's final days. As she weathers the FBI's stunning decision to resume its investigation into her use of a private email server while she was Secretary of State.