FIRST AIRED: October 11, 2016

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>> In diplomacy, they call it the grip and grin, only in this case, it didn't seem to be much of either. And in front of the cameras, at least, they barely even said a word. But the fact president Putin and Erdogan are in the same room, is a dramatic improvement.
Considering where relations were a year ago, after Turkey shot down a Russian warplane after claiming it strayed over the border from Syria. Reuters Bureau Chief in Turkey, Nick Tattersall.>> Turkish President Erdogan, meeting Russia's Putin on the sidelines of an energy summit here in Istanbul, and discussing a wide range of issues.
From energy, to trade and tourism, to the defense, and even what Erdogan himself described as a very sensitive topic, namely, the war in Syria.>> The fallout was swift and painful for both. Trade and tourism the main casualties as embargoes set in. But both know that can't continue.
> Russia has made an important decision today. We will restart imports of some foods that were previously banned. Especially citrus fruits, and other fruits and vegetables, that will be reintroduced to Russian markets.>> The pair also signed a deal to construct a major undersea gas pipeline, and agreed to accelerate plans for a Russian built nuclear power plant.
>> The Russian nuclear energy company, Rosatom, is supposed to be building a nuclear power plant in Turkey, that's a contract worth around $20 billion. So clearly an impetus for Moscow to make sure its relations with Turkey are back on an even footing.>>
>> Energy is one thing though, dissent quite another.
Although the pair vow to seek common ground in the conflict in Syria, they back opposing sides. Those differences likely to be more than just a handshake away from being resolved.