FIRST AIRED: October 20, 2016

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>> Theresa May's official entrance onto the EU stage. The question at her first EU summit, what tone will the British Prime Minister set?>> The UK is leaving the EU but we will continue to play a full role until we leave. And we will be a strong and dependable partner after we've left.
It's in the interest of both the UK and the EU that we continue to work closely together, including at this summit.>> Talk of cooperation is one thing, getting it quite another. Mays hinted the UK will prioritize border control over single market access. But French leader Francois Hollande entered, saying a hard Brexit means hard negotiations.
With the formalities of handshakes and a photo op out the way, the 28 EU leaders will sit down for dinner. Over coffee May is set to address her counterparts. But she's been warned not to enter informal negotiations. Reuters Brussels Bureau Chief Alastair Macdonald says it will be a case of style over substance.
>> I think the key thing is no decisions will be taken here. There are no negotiations going on around the table, probably not much of a discussion. What we'll be looking for is what people say when they come out of the room. When they've had Theresa May not standing on a party platform in front of her own supporters.
Supporters who didn't actually elect her as party leader or as Prime Minister. And how they react to how she comes over in the conference room, in the summit room where she needs to win friends. She needs to win allies. She needs to gain some concessions from Europe.>> May has arrived here without many.
Her continental counterparts looking to close ranks amid talk of a hard Brexit. Here is about setting the right tone. But on an agenda including Syria migration and Russia, May all ready risk being drowned out.