FIRST AIRED: October 20, 2016

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>> General Butt Naked. It was a nickname he earned fighting nude street battles in Liberia and one that inspired fear during the country's 14 year civil war. But this former war lord is now a priest called Joshua Milton Blahyi, and he's looking for money.>> We need eight buildings for staff quarters.
>> These buildings are for a vocational training center for former child soldiers like himself. The plan is to train them as farmers or brick layers in an effort to keep them off drugs and the streets. It's a very different picture to 13 years ago when the war ended, Blahyi killed and mutilated thousands of people using an army made up predominantly of children.
Peace returned when rebels ousted then-President Charles Taylor. Taylor was sentenced by The Hague special courts to 50 years in prison. But Blahyi remains a street preacher with quite a social media presence. Some of his followers say he deserves forgiveness and redemption. But his victims are not convinced.>> During the war, me, my father, my mother, my brother, and sister were in our house at night.
Butt Naked and his boys came with knives and burst open our door. He ordered his boys to rape me. When they judge him and find him guilty, let them put him in jail. I want for him to go to jail for all the bad things that he did to us.
>> And exactly that might happen. Blahyi could face prosecution for war crimes by The Hague's International Criminal Court. He says Liberian needs its own version of the ICC to strengthen its justice system. Then he would welcome the prospect of jail time, and redemption.