FIRST AIRED: October 20, 2016

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>> Donald Trump's performance tonight was one of the best I've seen at a Presidential debate.>> Didn't see this on any network or cable news channel Wednesday night. That's because it wasn't there. This debate coverage brought to you courtesy of Trump's Facebook Live page. Trump announcing the feed, of course, on Twitter, later on Facebook, describing it as an alternative for those quote tired of biased, mainstream media reporting.
All this fueling talk that if he loses, Trump's next move is Trump TV. Reuters Breakingviews columnist Jen Saba.>> It looked like the start of a potential network news thing with an actual crawl at the bottom of the screen, and he had pundits talking about the debate. And this is sort of mimicking what the cable networks do.
And what's interesting is that now you can do this much cheaper that you could say 10 years ago or even 20 years ago when Fox decided to launch Fox News. So you can do this direct on Facebook or you can do an over the top product, a video streaming product, like say Glenn Beck's The Blaze.
There are a lot of different options.>> Talk of a Trump network reaching a fever pitch earlier this week when sources revealed Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, has been on Wall Street looking for backers. Which only added credibility to speculation which began when former Fox News mastermind, Roger Ailes, joined the campaign after getting the boot among a flood of his own sexual harassment allegations.
But if Trump TV is in the work, it may not be ready for primetime without Ailes. The two reportedly are no longer talking. The relationship ending quicker than a reality show marriage.