FIRST AIRED: October 13, 2016

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>> A false coordinated character assassination, that's one of Donald trumps defenses on what might be the ugliest night yet in his campaign. One that brought multiple allegations of improper conduct with women. First, the New York Times published an article Wednesday featuring two women who claim he touched the inappropriately.
On of them, Jessica Leeds, say's Trump's hands were all over her on a flight in the early 80s, forcing her to change seats. Another, Rachel Crooks claiming he kissed her on the cheeks and mouth while refusing to let go of her hand, after she introduced herself to him at Trump Tower in 2005.
It didn't end there. A third woman's story also coming out in the Palm Beach Post late Wednesday. Mindy McGillivray saying Trump groped her outside his Florida estate 16 years ago. Then People Magazine writer Natasha Stoynoff came out saying, Trump forced her against a wall and kissed her after an interview in 2005.
Reuters hasn't independently verified the accounts, but they come just days after the now infamous recording of Trump bragging about touching females, kissing them without permission, and trying to seduce a married woman. Trump hit back, calling the remarks, quote, locker room talk, and saying in Sunday's debate that he never kissed women without their permission.
>> But I have tremendous respect for women->> Have you ever done those things?>> Women have respect for me, and I will tell you, no I have not.>> According to the Times, that's what prompted Leeds to speak out about her encounter on the plane. The New York Times says Trump laid into one of its reporters over the allegations, denying them and threatening to sue the paper.
>> Million Americans.