FIRST AIRED: October 20, 2016

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>> I will tell you at the time, I'll keep you in suspense.>> Donald Trump dramatically upping the stakes on his charges of a rigged US election at a fiery final debate with Hillary Clinton, Wednesday night in Las Vegas. Trump saying he might reject the outcome of the race if he loses on November 8th as polls increasingly suggest.
>> I'm not looking at anything now, I'll look at it at the time.>> Trump's challenge to a pillar of American democracy, the orderly transfer of power during a sharp rebuke from his Democratic opponent.>> Because that's horrifying. Every time Donald thinks things are not going in his direction, he claims whatever it is it's rigged against him.
>> Veteran reporter Steve Holland was in the debate hall.>> I don't know that he did himself a lot of good, even his campaign manager and even some of his family say they think that Trump will accept the results of the election.>> I did not say that.
>> Predictions of a stormy final showdown proving exactly right.>> Such a nasty woman.>> The two clashing bitterly over issues ranging from immigration Wiki leaks in the most policy heavy of their three debates. But in a reversal of their second meeting it was Clinton, not Trump this time delivering some of the fiercest blows.
>> He is denigrating, he is talking down our democracy and I for one am appalled.>> You get the feeling that Hillary Clinton has had about enough of Donald Trump.>> There was even a time when he didn't get an Emmy for his TV program three years in a row, and he started tweeting that the Emmy's were rigged.
>> Clinton slamming Trump for his frequent praise of Vladimir Putin.>> The Russian government has engaged in espionage against Americans. Will Donald Trump admit and condemn that the Russian's are doing this?>> From everything I see has no respect for this person.>> Well that's because he'd rather have a puppet as President of The United States.
It's pretty clear.>> So she had some prepared digs, but she executed them very well.>> Clinton and Trump also tangling over the allegations of groping leveled against him by multiple women in the wake of the now infamous lewd tape.>> And I didn't even apologize to my wife, who's sitting right here cuz I didn't do anything.
>> Donald thinks belittling women makes him bigger. He goes after their dignity, their self worth and I don't think there is a woman anywhere who doesn't know what that feels like.>> Trailing Clinton badly in the home stretch, Trump needed a knock out performance but an early post-debate poll by CNN indicating he didn't get it.
Voters naming Clinton the winner by a double digit margin.