FIRST AIRED: October 27, 2016

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>> They call themselves Iceland's Pirate Party. They want to clean up corruption, accept virtual currency Bitcoin, and grant Edward Snowden asylum. And Reuters' Tina Jacobson says they could find themselves in Iceland's government after this Saturday's general elections.>> I am Reuters' Tina Jacobson reporting from Reykjavik in Iceland.
Where on Saturday Icelanders will vote in a parliamentary election. In which maybe the Pirate Party could form the next government. The Pirate Party Party in Iceland is doing so well because they're riding on a public wave of anger. Icelanders are simply fed up with the political elite. Especially after the Panama Papers revealed in April that many of the politicians' names were in the documents.
And they therefore were connected to tax havens. On the top of a Party Pirate government's wish list is a new constitution. The current constitution was adopted after Iceland gained independence from Denmark. And many Icelanders don't think that it really fits the Icelandic society nowadays. It is still a bit uncertain exactly what will happen if the Pirate Party gains power in Iceland.
Critics are, of course, fearing that this will lead to financial instability at a very crucial time in Iceland's economy. The small island has just recovered after the 2008 banking crisis. So this is a very vulnerable stage in its development as it is to lift its capital controls by the end of next year.