FIRST AIRED: October 13, 2016

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>> And I have a lot of employees and I'm paying them a lot of money.>>
>> Donald Trump has disclosed to the federal government that he has more than 500 business entities. And we have an estimate that there are about 22,450 employees at those companies, that's the best estimate that exists. And what we found is that of those more than 22,000 employees, only 12 have donated to his campaign, according to these finance reports the campaigns have to file.
>> 12 people. Reuters found a 13th who gave not to Trump's campaign but to a pro Trump Super PAC. FEC filings only show individuals who donate 200 bucks or more to either Trump's campaign or joint fund raising committees. There could be more small dollar donors who had not shown up in Reuters review.
Still, the number is telling.>> It can often be an indicator about enthusiastic people who work with you are about your candidacy. For example, when Mitt Romney ran and was the Republican nominee in 2012, he got a ton of donations from people who worked at Bain Capital which was the firm he formerly led.
>> This election cycle, democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, has received more than $324,000 from employees at the State Department which she ran from 2009 to 2013. The 12 Trump employees donations add up to just over $5,500. The Trump campaign sent this statement in response to writers findings Mr. Trump has self-funded the majority of his campaign, so the comparison is not realistic.
Trump did loan his campaign $47 million during the primary but after securing the nomination he launched a fund raising effort that brought in $112 million, more than half of that from donors who gave big league.>> Big league.>> Meaning $200 or more.>>