FIRST AIRED: January 20, 2017

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>> On day one, on my first day in office, everything is going to change.>> Candidate Donald Trump made pledge after pledge on the campaign trail about the sort of decisive actions he would take on day one in office. He promised to start building walls, deporting illegal immigrants, and withdrawing from trade deals.
Day one is here, and while he might not be able to deliver on every campaign promise, one way Trump can immediately start carving his legacy is by presidential executive order. Reuters correspondent, Ginger Gibson.>> We're going to see Donald Trump try to make a big splash with these executive orders.
Try to get his base excited and believing that he's doing things. And that's because he's going to have trouble getting big changes through Congress.>> Replacing Obamacare will likely take weeks or months, comprehensive tax reform even longer. That means Trump is limited to what he can do with a stroke of a pen to begin setting the tone for his larger agenda.
>> Some of the first issues he could address are immigration, by resending some of the executive orders that President Obama had signed, to allow children who were brought here as small children to the country, to remain here legally. We could also see him searching set up a process that would allow him to build a wall along with southern border with Mexico Additionally we could see him address health care.
Much of Obama care or the Affordable Care Act was done through regulation. And using executive orders, he could act quickly to change some of those regulations.>> Executive orders are frequently the first order of business of an incoming President. Barack Obama famously signed an order aiming to close the Guantanamo Bay military prison.
That prison is still open. But with an incoming president who likes to project the image of a decisive CEO, and who loves a photo op, expect the executive orders to come almost as soon as the swearing in is over.