FIRST AIRED: January 19, 2017

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>> The New York Stock Exchange in Nasdaq duking it out in going all out to reel in this year's crown jewel listing, Snap Inc. Nasdaq hiring this helicopter late last year to showcase those hip Snapchat sunglasses. Using them to film the Manhattan skyline and broadcasting the video online.
Reuters M and A reporter Liana Bakers says, the exchange didn't just do that out of the kindness of it's heart.>> Snapchat's IPO will be the biggest ones since Alibaba and Facebook in the US, so it's really the big listing to win. That could make or break Nasdaq and NYSE this year.
It could also lead them to get other big listings. We're expecting Uber and Airbnb down the road, so having Snapchat in their cap would really help their efforts later.>> Snapchat could fetch a cool $25 billion valuation in its public debut, which would mean a lot of fees and prestige for the exchange that nabs it.
The New York Stock Exchange in November draped a large bright yellow banner to let the world now it had a Snapchat account. Then, archrival Nasdaq up the ante with its helicopter stunt. Then, that same day, the New York Stock Exchange not to be be out done. Although, perhaps it was, tweeted out a video from the ground floor of its exchange using the Snapchat spectacles.
And did I mention Nasdaq also has a Snapchat ad outside its office in Times Square?>> Nasdaq is really the one on the defensive. After botching the Facebook IPO famously a couple years ago, Tech IPO market share has been going towards the New York Stock Exchange.>> Technology glitches on the first day of trading, delayed Facebook stock opening in 2012, and left thousands of orders stuck in Nasdaq system for hours.
The next year, Twitter listed with the New York Stock Exchange. Nasdaq had, until then, boasted an 85% market share of tech IPO proceeds, but then lost out to the New York Stock Exchange for the next three years straight. It only regained its dominance in 2016. The slowest IPO year since the recession.
But, it's expected to pick up in 2017 with Snap Inc being the first big name to go public. May the best exchange win.