FIRST AIRED: January 30, 2017

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e sound of the single biggest U.S. Army deployment to Europe since the Cold War. One welcomed by NATO's Russia fearing allies. Some 3,500 U.S. soldiers have amassed in Poland, a move that's unnerved Moscow. This live fire show of force comes just before thousands of US troops are deployed across Eastern Europe.
I'm Reuters reporter Jacob Greaves in rural Zagan, Poland, where the message the allies are sending to Russia is clear. Despite scepticism expressed by the new US President, NATO is still here, but for how long? The deployment is a legacy of the Obama administration. The new commander-in-chief, Donald Trump, has in the past said NATO is obsolete.
But when we spoke to the commander of the US Army in Europe he said they might be here for the long haul.>> Put troops on the ground also that signifies a long term commitment. And so I'm not hearing anything that would tell me otherwise.>> The Polish army is banking on that.
The country's president touring the armaments Monday, a parade welcoming the US presence. They're seen as an answer to Russian hardware in the territory of bordering Poland.>> If you add an armor brigade combat team, on top of what we already have here at the the striker regiment, the logistics, and other capabilities, our airborne brigade.
That's a significant increase in capability.>> The American tanks still painted the colors of years of desert warfare. Lieutenant General Hodges says they'll soon be camouflaged green for their new environment, a sign of their strengthened commitment to this region. That's if President Trump doesn't have a change of heart before the paint dries.