FIRST AIRED: January 27, 2017

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>> Refugees hoping to enter the United States before any official action by President Trump, hit with a major road block this week. Sources telling Reuters exclusively that the Department of Homeland Security already has temporally halted trips by staff to interview refugees abroad, in anticipation of an executive order from the White House.
>> Radical.>> Reuters Yeganeh Torbati has the exclusive.>> This decision by the Department of Homeland Security basically amounts to a future pause in refugees coming into the United States, because these interviews are a really crucial step in that vetting process. They usually come at the end of the process and so if these interviews are being halted, there will be a pause in refugee resettlements in the United States.
>> Resettling in the US is often a years long process that already includes extensive security screenings, which Torbati says are time sensitive.>> If interviews are cancelled or push back or temporarily halted, there's a chance that their security clearances or their screenings will expire, they will have to go through the process again.
And so for those individuals, this decision and then a future halt if it were to come from President Trump could mean that their whole process has to start over. And for a lot of the refugees who have young children, who don't have a lot of money, that's a very serious proposition.
>> The decision to halt interviews doesn't just affect Syrian refugees,families from all over the world seeking asylum from conflict or persecution from Central America to East Asia will have to continue waiting, in some cases amid extremely dangerous conditions.