FIRST AIRED: January 12, 2017

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>> Mexico is the hot button word here at the Detroit Auto Show. I'm Joe White, transportation editor for Reuters. And here at the Detroit Auto Show, auto executives from around the world have come to show off their new models. And to talk about, no, they're gonna talk about Mexico.
Because that's what Donald Trump, the President-elect, is talking about. And executives have been fielding questions about their investments in Mexico nonstop. Ever since they got here on Sunday. Here's the problem. Mexico is a great place to produce cars because Mexico has free trade agreements with some 40 countries.
The United States does not have that many. The manufacturing system of the auto industry in North America is spread out. Across the three countries that form the North American Free Trade Agreement. And unwinding that now. Because Donald Trump has been attacking car companies for building cars in Mexico.
Would be hugely expensive, very difficult, and auto makers don't wanna do it. So there's been a lot defense being played here as well as offense. Fiat Chrysler, GM, Honda, Ford have all highlighted the investments that they are making in the United States. Adding jobs, adding new products, particularly sport utility vehicles.
Now the companies all say that those decisions had nothing whatsoever to do with Donald Trump. But they have made sure that everyone in the media. And there are hundreds and hundreds of media here, know all about it.