FIRST AIRED: January 17, 2017

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>> In the next few days, Donald Trump will become president of the United States. He has said during the campaign that he would weaken environmental regulations and take a much more adversarial role towards the EPA.>> The EPA has been a disaster. Regulation has been a total catastrophe, and NAFTA-
>> But public opinion polling shows that Americans are actually much more interested in protecting the environment than the election would lead you to believe. I'm Chris Kahn, Reuters polling editor, and we asked a number of questions about the environment, about the EPA. It turns out that a majority of Americans actually would like to see the EPA either stay as it is.
Or even have it's powers strengthened a little bit. Only as a minority, including a minority of Republicans, would actually like to see the EPA weakened or dismantled altogether. We also asked about air, water, and wildlife protections. And it turns out that most Americans are not interested in weakening any of those protections.
Even if that meant helping some businesses thrive a little bit more and add more jobs to the economy. We also asked about coal mining in the United States. Donald Trump spent a lot of time during the campaign talking about how he'd bring coal mining jobs back to the United States.
But it turns out from our poll that only a minority of Americans are actually interested in increasing the amount of coal mining in the country. A majority of Americans said they would like to either keep coal mining at the same level. Or actually cut back a little bit more than the way we have it right now.
Republicans now have control of Congress. They have control of the White House. It's really gonna be a time for them to flex their muscles. And realize some of their visions about a lot of things, including the environment. So this poll's important to show how people actually feel about a lot of the trade-offs that comes with a weakening environmental protections and what you might get from them.
Scott Pruitt, Trump's nominee to head the EPA, is both a climate skeptic. And also someone who has repeatedly sued the agency over it's regulations. He goes before Congress on Wednesday.