FIRST AIRED: January 26, 2017

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>> Donald Trump's move to restrict immigrants from the Middle East notably doesn't include some of its wealthiest countries, and there's likely one reason. Iran. While conflict plagued states like Syria, Libya, and Iraq will likely be included in his ban on Wednesday, Saudi Arabia, where most of the 9/11 hijackers came from isn't.
In fact, Gulf leaders are hoping that Trump era could be the start of a beautiful friendship.>> They're highly capable, they're highly experienced and they have a very realistic and wise view of the world and of America's role in it.>> Gulf officials and analysts were to spoke to overlooking the controversial rhetoric and optimistic about the Trump administration says Reuters Tom Finn in Qatar.
>> Under Obama many Gulf Arab officials states felt that Iran was given a kind of free reign to intervene in conflicts in the Middle East and Obama's noninterference policy particularly in Syria. Were sort of seeing this giving Iran a green light to become more involved in conflicts from Yemen, Bahrain and Lebanon.
>> No love lost behind the strained smiles on this state visit to Saudi, negotiating with Iran, when Barack Obama, few Gulf friends, Iranians are expected to be on Trump's blacklist. Still, it looks unlikely to be plain sailing. Trump moving the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as pledged, all taking inflammatory steps towards Muslims, could provoke protests and embarrass conservative Gulf rulers.
>> There is also concern about Trump's sort of temper and his tweets. In a region that's combustible and on edge, and where there's conflict that the tendency in Trump could also be dangerous.>> For now, though, they're welcoming the arrival of a hawk, whose energy and security interests tally with their own.
>> He's second in the polls.